Inbound Marketing Ecosystem: How does it look?

Created by Slavik Volinsky:
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Inbound Marketing Ecosystem [INFOGRAPHIC]


  1. Est. US adults online: 185 million,, Pew Internet - Who's Online
  2. 92% use search engines to find information, 78% research products and services, 21% researched a product yesterday, trend data from 2004 to 2010
    Pew Internet - Online Activities
  3. 9X decreate in response rate of credit card direct mail offers
  4. 28% of businesses reported that Tradeshows became less important over last 6 months, 2X decreate in % of Budget allocated to Telemarketing, 62% say their company blog is important to critical, 13% of marketing budgets is allocated to SEO, Leads acquired thru inbound marketing cost 62% less
    HubSpot: State of Inbound Marketing
  5. 44% of direct mail is never opened, HubSpot: 100 Marketing Stats, Charts, and Graphs
  6. 86% of people skip TV ads
    The Guardian
  7. 2.7X US users spend 2.7 times more time on social media & blogs than on email
  8. 91% of US adults use social media at least monthly
    Experian Simmons
  9. 64% of US internet users read blogs Chart, University of Michigan