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Over the past few months, I’ve started blogging more. Not here (as you can tell), but on the other websites, aka “guest blogging.
Because this blog is not wildly popular, I find that I provide more value if my post is published somewhere else, like SEOmoz or MarketingProfs. (See links to all my guest posts.)

While publishing a guest post on a more popular site doesn’t automatically make it successful, your post gets a bigger audience.

How can you truly engage the audience and make them share it? Have you written blog posts which barely get any tweets or comments?

I haven’t written much, but I did learn something important worth sharing.


Know Who You’re Writing For.

When creating any type of content, e.g. a blog post, marketing copy, subject line or presentation, have a clear customer persona in mind. This ‘persona’ might be imaginary, but she/he will be consuming your content, so clearly address her/his needs. Does your content addresses her/his problems and adds value?

My most popular post to date, “Four Easy Tactics for Becoming a Must-Follow Account on Twitter” (published on, didn’t start as a guest post. I wrote it for my friend, Juan, who providesĀ tennis lessons for kids in New York. My goal was to show Juan (@TennisInnovator) how heĀ can leverage Twitter. That’s all.

It resonated with the MarketingProfs audience and got over 600 shares because many readers do this every day: explain Twitter to those they work with. With a more detailed post available, they now can send it to their clients/coworkers who are just starting with Twitter.

From Vanessa Fox's presentation. Click image to view.

Below are some great resources to get you started in developing customer personas:

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