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Latest Posts from Our Blog:

Why in the world would I consume YOUR content? Content Strategy's "2013 Problem" -

A few days ago, I tweeted a little prediction about content marketing and called it "2013 Problem." I posed a question: Why in the world would I consume YOUR content, implying that in order to earn my attention, you need to provide A LOT of value and be DIFFERENT from other sources of information. I decided to look into this prediction further to see if I can back it up with the data.

Content Marketing's Long Haul -

With the surge in popularity of content marketing, every business owner and marketer today should create content and tell stories. Whether your content is text, audio, or visual, you want to attract more eye-balls by making your headline irresistible, right? I encourage you to focus on the quality of your content first and only use "irresistible titles" tactic when your content rocks.

My post on MarketingProfs: Eight Key Lessons on Running a Top-Notch A/B Testing Program -

Running an A/B test requires resources, so it pays to know how to conduct tests for the maximum benefit to your organization. Here are eight of the most important lessons on running a successful A/B testing program.

My Guest Post on FirePoleMarketing: Mastering Differentiation -

We all want our businesses to be successful. All of our hard work, sleepless nights, truly caring about customers, demanding high standards from the team... People say "If you build it, they will come." Well they did, they came. But once the novelty wore off, what keeps customers from coming again? Coming often?